Best Gift EVER

August 25, 2011

girls wishlist blogSo today started out a pretty ordinary day… got up as normal, went to work as normal, sat in the normal amount of traffic on the way home, got greeted by a very excited chihuahua as normal, fed the dog and cat their din-dins as normal, somebody knocked on the door as normal… oh hang on a minute, that’s not normal, that was the beginning of the moment my life changed forever!

I went to the door to be greeted by my Mum, Dad and sister… erm, hello… did I forget that you’re coming over tonight?? This is not normal behaviour, and my house is a mess, as they walk through to the living room I first wonder what they must think of the state of the mid-week mess in my house but then I started to really worry that they had come over in a group to deliver bad news… then I saw what looked like a beautifully wrapped present in my mum’s arms…. Have we started celebrating half birthday’s?… no, can’t be as that would have been 21 days ago…

“Erm, what’s going on here then?” I asked, intrigued.
“We just wanted to thank you for everything you’ve done for us” My mum answered handing me the present and card.

First I opened the card, still not really understanding what was happening on this random Wednesday night which had seemed no different to any other up until a minute ago…

thank you greetings card thank you present

Reading this choked me up, such kind words from my loving family on just a normal day (which had actually been a pretty bad day up until this point) cheered me up no end and brought a lump to my throat at the kindness and sweet nature of my amazing family.

“I don’t get it, what’s all this about?” I asked
“Open your present” my sister said

So I did… and a picture speaks a thousand words so here it is…

oak mulberry alexa

They’d only gone and got me the stunningly beautiful Mulberry Alexa OF. MY. ACTUAL. DREAMS!!!

I could not believe it! After about 30 seconds of open mouth gawking at this stunning beauty in my arms, staring in disbelief at the dream bag I’ve been coveting for so many years but never thought I’d actually own in reality I did what every girl in my position would do and I cried… tears of joy, love and happiness streamed down my face as I hugged my wonderful Alexa and each of my amazing family. “That wasn’t the reaction we were hoping for” Mum said, “We thought you’d shriek with excitement like when we got you the Glee Tour tickets for your birthday” Believe me, that moment right there was the happiest of my life, surrounded by the people that I love the most and now in possession of my absolute dream handbag.. the one thing I’ve wanted more than anything in the world for god knows how long!

Here are a few extra shots of this awesome piece of Mulberry magic for any Alexa fanatics who may be reading this.

mulberry handbag

mulberry logo on front of bag

mulberry handbags

logo on the inside of the bag

mulberry alexa handbags

The handbag of my dreams!

I love my family to bits, they are the most generous, kindest, loving and beautiful people in the whole world and I am so grateful to have been born into such a fantastic family unit. Thank you Mum, Dad, Carly, Paul and my adorable little nephew-to-be, I just hope that one day I can re-pay the favour to each of you by providing you with the happiness and love that you have given me today.  xxxxx

P.S. Who knew that such a normal day could turn out to be the best day of your life?! Now that my life dream of owning a Mulberry Alexa has been achieved, I’m not quite sure what life goal to aim for next!


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  1. Nhuc Tran says:

    ahhh You lucky girl, I’m so jealous!! She’s a beauty!

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