Free Thorntons Chocolates

January 7, 2011

Like Girls Wishlist, you may have over indulged this Christmas and your jeans may be feeling a little tighter than usual. However, when the offer of a free box of chocolates arrives, it’s time to forget about the muffin tops, new year’s resolutions and January detox and grab it by the horns!

free box of chocolates at Thorntons

We found this amazing deal in our inbox and HAD to share it with you. And, if you are on a diet, or trying to be good, why not order your free box of chocs and stash it away for someone special on Valentine’s day?

Put absolutely anything from the Thornton’s website into your basket (including sales items and could even be a single truffle for 39p) and add your free box of chocolates worth £5, then use discount code FMCJ on the basket page and Bob’s your uncle, a free box of yummy Thorntons chocolates will be winging their way too you! You could of course stock up on a whole heap of chocolatey scrumptious delights for the year in Thorntons Sale of the Century.

We say ditch the diets, the detox’s and the depression of being back to work and get ordering some chocolatey goodness from the master chocolatiers at Thorntons!

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