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April 19, 2011

girls wishlist blogWhere to start, where to start?… I guess an introduction seems appropriate so here goes… Hi, I’m Hayley, the editor of Girls Wishlist, and I thought it was about time that I started a Wishlist blog.

This is my first attempt at a blog post, so please forgive me for the terrible content, but we all have to start somewhere!

I’m no expert when it comes to fashion, beauty or buying the perfect gifts but I do love to shop and I also love the internet so I guess this blog will contain my ramblings on both; things that I want and websites that I like to shop from and anything else that crops up in day to day life which I feel a compulsion to air via the medium of blogging.

Wow, I guess this makes me a blogger… excellent, I’m always trying to find new things to add to the CV to make my life seem more interesting than it actually is so here’s another thing to add to the Interests/Hobbies section.

Oh, and rumour has it that bloggers get sent freebies aplenty, which would be rather nice to say the least for airing my dull views on the net. In case there is any truth in this rumour (and I’m hoping you don’t have to be a blogger extraordinaire such as the 14 year old Style Rookie herself, Tavi Gavinson, who earned herself a place on the front row of The Band of Outsiders Show next to Anna Wintour at New York Fashion Week to gain such privileges!) here are the items on the very top of my wishlist right now:

1) Mulberry Alexa in Oak

mulberry alexa in stock

Ah the Mulberry Alexa, an absolute classic satchel style handbag that I’ve been lusting after for a very long time and has been known to leave me awestruck when I’ve passed one in a street or had the pleasure of being in touching distance on a crowded tube (not in a pickpocket kind of way – let me make that clear, but in a David Beckham starstruck, sudden urge to touch, kind of way… OK, I’d better stop with that one, I’m starting to weird myself out here!)

2) A Luxury Holiday Island Hopping around Thailand

luxury thailand holiday

My dream holiday, as yet unaccomplished… so if anyone out there would like to send me tickets for this (let’s say 4 weeks max, I can’t be parted from my laptop longer that that!) I would be eternally grateful and would of course say amazing things about your wonderful company forever more! Oh and feel free to use Voyage Prive to get a 70% off bargain deal, saving yourself a small fortune in the process wouldn’t bother me one bit!!

3) Creme de la Mer Moisturising Cream
creme de la mer moisturiser

At 28 years old, wrinkles are something I’m going to have to start worrying about in the very near future (or probably already should be) so this miracle cure is 3rd on the wishlist. Now I’m not sure what it does or how it does it exactly, but anything that costs £600 for 250ml has to be pretty amazing, right?!

I wouldn’t want to come across greedy, so I will limit my ultimate dream wishlist to 3…. for now! And on that note I think I shall wrap this post up…. Well, this blogging lark appears to be a piece of cake, I very much look forward to receiving these goodies, and I will let you know all about them as soon as they arrive!

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