Kate Middleton Warehouse Spree

April 20, 2011

Princess-to-be Kate Middleton has had a shopping spree in Warehouse just days before her wedding to Prince William. Kate was possibly picking up these 4 great pieces for her honeymoon with Wills, as all of these would make the perfect holiday pieces (and are equally good as summer wardrobe essentials for lovely sunny days in the UK too).


kate middleton floral halterneck dress kate middleton warehouse dress
Bright Floral Bandeau Dress – £45 Feather Print One Shoulder Dress – £45
kate middleton high street kate middleton high street
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kate middleton warehouse dress kate middleton shops high street
Tropical Bird Print Dress – SOLD OUT Lace Trim White Blouse – SOLD OUT

If you want to steal Kate Middleton’s style, you will have to be quick as now that these gorgeous Warehouse pieces have been snapped up by the fashion icon soon to be Princess, they won’t be around for long!

Vanessa, the store manager of Warehouse’s Kings Road shop, who served Kate said: “It was really great to meet her, she was really down to earth and lovely and loved what she’d bought.”

We have a new found admiration of Kate now that we know that even days away from marrying her Prince Charming, she’s still shopping on the high street… well, sometimes! And Warehouse has gone even further in our already high estimations too, if it’s good enough for a Princess, it’s certainly good enough for us too and we’ll have 1 of each too please!

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