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April 26, 2011

girls wishlist blogI love finding websites that transform the online shopping experience and the sites I’m loving the most right now are private sales and city deal websites because they give us access to amazing deals and discounts we would otherwise be completely clueless about. Here are a handful of my favourite savvy shopping sites which I can’t live without.


Ah Groupon, the love of my life! I honestly feel this could be bordering on obsession but this is my number 1 site of the moment. No other website gives me as much joy as this one and it has become my morning ritual to check out each and every Groupon deal as soon as the computer is on every single day! I do this not only to fulfill my own addiction, but also to bring you guys the top deals everyday too! If you haven’t already, go for it, sign up for Groupon emails, embrace the city deal love and start booking up weird and wonderful activities, restaurants, hotels and beauty treatments all at unbelievably great value . Don’t fight it, you too will find yourself falling in love with a website before you know it!

Secretsales is a members only private sales website. If you haven’t already, you will have to register to get access to their amazing deals, but it is absolutely worth filling out the sign up form and waiting a couple of days for your invite email as they have some really great deals that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Every day you’ll find a collection of the most coveted brands and designer names at a fraction of their original price. Once you’re in the Secret Sales club you too can be head to toe in designer clothing and accessories at bargain prices. Click here to register.

Brand Alley

Another private sales site for savvy shoppers, just like Secret Sales but with different brands and sales. Again, you have to register and then wait for your invite to arrive by email, but it’s completely worth it for up to 70% off designer clothing and much more. Current sales include Karen Millen, Lexon, Ultimo, Ray-Ban, Johnny Loves Rosie and Risk to name but a few. Click here to register.

These are 3 sites that I can’t recommend highly enough for private sales and amazing deals right now. If there are any sites that you love for finding great deals (whether it be for clothes, city deals or travel) please post a comment below as I’m always on the look out for more websites to occupy my online shopping addiction!

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