Shipping Costs Refunds

August 8, 2010

Good news for online shopaholics!

Did you know that EU legislation has been brought in which means that if you order anything online (or over the phone or fax, basically anywhere other than in a shop) you have 7 working days to change your mind? If you do decide to return the goods, the seller must give you a full refund INCLUDING the postage costs – bonus!

So, what are the catches?

– Well, you have to return the FULL order to get the shipping charges back, so it doesn’t apply if you keep part of the order.

– Returns costs aren’t covered, sending the order back to the seller is still your responsibility.

– This rule doesn’t apply if you have brought from an individual rather than a company.

– There are a few things excluded such as concert tickets, hotel bookings, plane or train tickets and also food and drink delivered to you by regular delivery.

This is great news if you have a habit of impulse-buying and then changing your mind, and also for first time ordering from companies, in the past there was a risk element of losing the postage charges if returning. If you don’t like what you see, or simply change your mind, you will get all your money back within 30 days.

Thinking about all of the £4.95’s that have been wasted in the past when returning orders, this legislation is most certainly welcomed with open arms!

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