Wedding Outfit Panic

June 25, 2011

girls wishlist blog This time last week I was running around Milton Keynes shopping centre, 2 hours before I was being picked up to be taken to one of my oldest and best friends wedding, trying to find something to wear for the big event… I can laugh about it now but I most certainly was not in the mood for raising a smile then!

I think you’ll know from this site that shopping is one of my greatest passions, so why did I leave it to the last minute? I just couldn’t settle on the right dress. There is so much choice out there, I’ve even written a wedding guest dresses article, but with so many beautiful dresses I just couldn’t make a decision.

I’d had deliveries arriving pretty much every day for a month and my boyfriend was getting pretty annoyed so (him being an accountant) I told him that I like to think of ordering clothes as a savings account… I place an order, it arrives, I try it on, I return it and 5-10 working days later the money’s back in my account. And how much have you wasted on deliveries and returns for all of these then? he asked… I dread to think!

Here are just a tiny selection of the dresses that have arrived for possible wedding guest dresses in the last several weeks.

warehouse one shoulder dress blue one shoulder slouch dress oasis halter prom dress
One Shoulder Dress – £70 Slouchy One Shoulder Dress – £70 Halter Belle Prom Dress – £65

Although I really liked most of the dresses I tried on, I’m in between sizes and found that they were all either too big or too small and as each one was sent back my heart sank more and I started to worry that I wouldn’t get a new dress. The evening before the wedding I arrived home to 4 more dresses from Warehouse. I fell in love with one of them but it was too tight across the chest. It was late and shops were shut so my only hope was heading to MK the morning before the wedding and praying they’d got the dress in my size.

On Saturday morning the shopping centre opened at 9, but Warehouse was shut – aggghhhh, panic had truly set in by now. I paced up and down the centre for 30 minutes and thankfully the doors were open at 9:30. I ran to the front, pulled the dress from my bag and begged Please tell me you have this in a 10?, the girl in the shop sped to the 3 dresses These have been really popular, we’ve only got a few… 16.. 14… 12. Stay there a moment I’m going to check upstairs My heart sank to the pit of my stomach as I silently prayed to a god I don’t believe in… please, please, please have a 10… I didn’t want to return home empty handed after I’d left the house to my boyfriends ever so sympathetic words You’ve had 9 months to plan your outfit for this wedding (Men!) What seemed like hours, but was no more than 2 minutes later the girl came back, dress in hand, THANK YOU! I quickly tried on and bought this dress which I absolutely adore and Vikki who served me was a complete angel.

white warehouse dress bright flower
Silk Orchid Print Cross Back Dress – £80

It’s made of pure silk and the flower set on a cream halter neck dress has so many bright beautiful colours which makes it so easy to style it differently depending on which colours you choose to accessorise it with. I love the back the best and the cute little buttons on the halter neck… it’s all in the detail for me and I was so happy I finally found my dream dress!

warehouse bright floral dress

I ran in to Accessorize, feeling a smug grin creep across my face because I now owned this beautiful dress, and was helped by a great shop assistant who must have sensed my panic (time to get home, showered and ready was running out) and she acted as my personal shopper finding me these fab accessories for my new dress:

accessorise leaf earrings accessorise floral hair clips accessorize coral clutch bag
Gold Leaf Earrings – £7 Gold Floral Hair Clips – £6 Patent Vintage Clutch Bag – £25

And I knew I was going to wear with these Dorothy Perkins shoes which I brought last month and adore

coral sandals

Coral Pleat Strap Sandals – £35

After a morning of sheer panic my outfit was complete and I know that I will wear it time and time again so, manic rush to get ready aside, I’m glad to have waited to find the perfect dress.

I have no idea why the bride is stressed on her wedding day, she’s brought the dress months before, has someone to do her hair and make-up for her and is probably sipping champagne while getting her nails painted… it’s far more stressful for the guests!

The wedding was absolutely amazing, I won’t put a photo up before getting permission from Natalia, my BFFSD (bestest friend from school days) who is currently on honeymoon but she looked stunning and the wedding was the best I’ve ever attended. Forget the Royal wedding, this was the wedding of the year!

Congratulations Nat and Pat, wishing you both a lifetime of happiness together xx

P.S. Please don’t tell me that you’ll be renewing your vows next year as I don’t think I can handle the stress of finding another outfit!


One Response to “Wedding Outfit Panic”
  1. Natalia says:

    This made me chuckle! I think your morning of the wedding might well have been more stressful than mine!

    I can safely say that your outfit hunting efforts paid off as you looked stunning – perfectly chic and summery for the occasion. Love the DP shoes too, I have the platform version in coral for honeymoon :)

    Loads of love xxx

    P.S. Feel free to post any pics, there are lots of lovely ones of you!

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